Your MEAN COED Fetish..

I bet you have put a lot of thought in to how you would love to have a cute and sexy, intelligent yet MEAN college coed take you, get to know you and then when you least expect it, her kindness turns into the ugly truth and then shes telling you all about your little malfunctions. 

Do you wonder why I would do something like this to you? Why I feel the need to abuse you? Why I feel the need to abuse you? Why I demand so much from you and then why you give in? Well, I would do this to you because you need this. I turn the mean on in the most intelligent ways possible and your cock gets hard with just one word. I need to abuse you and use you because it makes me happy to be the one to tell you about yourself and what I think of you. Your whimpers and your little grunts are priceless! I demand because I deserve and what I ask for is what I should get, no matter what it may be. You give it because deep down inside, even though you may not want to, you KNOW your place…

I am the young woman that will rip you apart and have you begging at the same time. I will be calm, I will laugh, I will be the one in charge. What are you waiting for…If you are not hard after this then  do not call me but if you ARE then what the fuck are you waiting for?


Claire and Michelle Making A Statement! LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!

Niteflirt is a platform for men and women to come together and embrace their fantasies. For us, we are two young women in our 14099423_207824219632155_610001671_nthird year of college, we are young, experimental, intelligent, creative women. We know and believe this but we are just telling you what we feel, how do you know anything about us unless there is some sort of communication?

So, how do you figure this out on your own? You call us, you talk to us, the three of us will come up with something hot and sexy and fun! You will find that we are super open. Maybe we haven’t talked about a certain fetish or fantasy, that does not mean we are stupid. That means we haven’t explored that sexual fantasy and you need to tell us all about it.

So, when and even IF we speak with you, when we are finished with the call and we hang up, you have the option to leave us feedback. If you loved us and you think that orgasm was worth a food ***** star rating, then make sure you leave your feedback. If you don’t love us then when you leave your feedback, please be honest and explain why.
Have you left your feedback? For October 2016 if you leave your feedback, negative or positive, we will reward your participation with 3 Free Minutes.
Now, lets have some fun! Give us a call and lets explore all the old and new fantasies that we may or may not share and have some fucking cumming fun!

Claire & Michelle

Claires TOP 10 Phonesex Topics

10832007_818928504817151_1814537152_nI enjoy all kinds of things and being in my early 20s I am still experimenting will some BUT I have been able to accumulate a top 10 of favorites and would love to share them with you. Here they are!

  1. Humiliation
  2. Feminization
  3. Tease and Denial
  4. Cuckolding
  5. Small Penis Humiliation
  6. Total Cock Control
  7. Chastity
  8. Cock and Ball Torture
  9. Sissy Training and Sissification
  10. Edging

Out of my top ten, whats your favorite? Give me a call and lets play with some of these phonesex topics!


When Claire Humiliates You…You’ll feel it for days!

10755914_1531842097062249_885795687_nDo you dress up like a sissy secretly and don’t want anyone to know? Do you have a small worthless cock that no one wants? I’m sure there is something that you are hiding that I will be able to find and I will tell all My other girlfriends(and roomie Michelle) about it so that they can laugh at you too. I will embarrass, mock you and make you worship Me. You know that I am better than you and smarter than you. I will bring you to your knees and give you such exquisite humiliation. I dare you.
I am going to break you down in the most hilarious way possible! I am going to expose you for everything you are. Make you do nasty tasks, stuff you could never imagine doing…Like eating your cum, fucking your bitch hole, making you beg for the orgasm that you do not ever deserve…
Lets see who wins and who breaks…I am a natural born winner but I would love to see you try to fight it. Sometimes you just need to take whats given just in case you are unworthy of anything else.
XO Claire XO

Wall Of Flame

14099423_207824219632155_610001671_nHey, This is Claire and Michelle and we would like to introduce the newest project. We have the idea, we have the layout but the one little thing we are missing, is you!
We are looking for the following!

  • Men that have 5 or less inch penis
  • Men that have lingerie or panty fetishes and enjoy showing off
  • Men that enjoy toys, the larger the better.
  • Men that will be able to provide 2-5 photos expressing their pathetic selves. 
  • Men that enjoy humiliation

If you are interested in this please email Claire @ with the following information.

Name/nickname, age, penis size, fetish, yes or no on the toys, photos (3-4 minus face) and your most humiliating fact about you. If you are featured on our hall of flame Claire will email you with further information!

Claire and Michelle


Amusing MEANCOED Michelle! Humiliation Phonesex

576fdda176025You do understand that the possibility that you may amuse me is why I pick up the telephone, correct? For you to make me smile, or perhaps even laugh, you must speak clearly and enunciate well, not like you did last time, when you sounded like you had a mouth full of cock. I understand that you may be shy and a little backwards but I expect an answer when I take the time and the breath to speak to you.
You are here to make sure the I am 100% pleased and the only way you can do that is by doing what I say and telling me what I want to know. When Claire and I are with you together, you better watch out because humiliation is the game we love to play!
You understand? Good!
It is time for you to amuse me so now you must call!
XO Michelle XO

Claires Psychological Humiliation Fun!

10755914_1531842097062249_885795687_nListen up you pathetic loser boys! You are lucky I even allow you to talk to Me. Do you realize how important I am and what a worthless loser you are??
I’m sure you have a worthless little maggot dangling between those two dried up raisins in between your legs! Am I right? Of course I am. I love doing psychological profiles on losers like you. I dig and find your weaknesses and I will use them like weapons of mass destruction.
What do you need to do? All you have to do is present your pathetic mind and body to me and let me take it from there. I am sure we will dig around and all your malfunctions will surface!
SO, the MeanCoed Dr.Claire (in training) is in! Call if you dare!

Calling ALL Cuckolds! Why is your girl sleeping around?

14099423_207824219632155_610001671_nClaire and Michelle here. We were doing a little chatting the other night and we came to the conclusion that if we were with a man that we just absolutely loved and adored but he just wasn’t adding up to the requirements that you need to have to be considered a fuckable man that we would just simply let him know that he was inadequate and we must find bigger. We all know that a man with a beautiful woman would do anything to keep the arm candy…
So, why is your lady sleeping around and why do you like it? Maybe because you give her everything she wants but not what she really needs and there’s nothing you can physically do to make up for whats missing…Basically you are allowing your girl to sleep around because you know you SUCK!

We want to hear from ALL cuckolds and we want to hear your story. How did you become the cuckold that you are? What led you to holding a cuckolds title?


Claires’ Little Tiny PeePee Tease

12224496_1074910725863812_2000172083_nThere’s something about you that’s a little different. It’s not that you’re shy. It’s not that you’re so quiet when I ask you a question or that you blush when I look at you, because I can sense you love my attention. No, it’s something else. I can tell you have a deep dark secret. You’re so embarrassed by your shameful secret that you’re broadcasting it to me without saying a word.

What you don’t know is that I have a good idea what your dirty little secret is all about. Most likely you have an itty bitty little boy’s penis and can’t please a woman. Am I right? Of course I am! You have a little boy penis, a little tugger, a little member of your body, it’s pretty bad when your index finger is longer than your little tiny pee pee…

I want to know how you measure up! I want to know all about your cock so that I can treat it properly. A little penis needs to be controlled!