Claires Psychological Humiliation Fun!

10755914_1531842097062249_885795687_nListen up you pathetic loser boys! You are lucky I even allow you to talk to Me. Do you realize how important I am and what a worthless loser you are??
I’m sure you have a worthless little maggot dangling between those two dried up raisins in between your legs! Am I right? Of course I am. I love doing psychological profiles on losers like you. I digĀ and find your weaknesses and I will use them like weapons of mass destruction.
What do you need to do? All you have to do is present your pathetic mind and body to me and let me take it from there. I am sure we will dig around and all your malfunctions will surface!
SO, the MeanCoed Dr.Claire (in training) is in! Call if you dare!