When Claire Humiliates You…You’ll feel it for days!

10755914_1531842097062249_885795687_nDo you dress up like a sissy secretly and don’t want anyone to know? Do you have a small worthless cock that no one wants? I’m sure there is something that you are hiding that I will be able to find and I will tell all My other girlfriends(and roomie Michelle) about it so that they can laugh at you too. I will embarrass, mock you and make you worship Me. You know that I am better than you and smarter than you. I will bring you to your knees and give you such exquisite humiliation. I dare you.
I am going to break you down in the most hilarious way possible! I am going to expose you for everything you are. Make you do nasty tasks, stuff you could never imagine doing…Like eating your cum, fucking your bitch hole, making you beg for the orgasm that you do not ever deserve…
Lets see who wins and who breaks…I am a natural born winner but I would love to see you try to fight it. Sometimes you just need to take whats given just in case you are unworthy of anything else.
XO Claire XO