Your MEAN COED Fetish..

I bet you have put a lot of thought in to how you would love to have a cute and sexy, intelligent yet MEAN college coed take you, get to know you and then when you least expect it, her kindness turns into the ugly truth and then shes telling you all about your little malfunctions. 

Do you wonder why I would do something like this to you? Why I feel the need to abuse you? Why I feel the need to abuse you? Why I demand so much from you and then why you give in? Well, I would do this to you because you need this. I turn the mean on in the most intelligent ways possible and your cock gets hard with just one word. I need to abuse you and use you because it makes me happy to be the one to tell you about yourself and what I think of you. Your whimpers and your little grunts are priceless! I demand because I deserve and what I ask for is what I should get, no matter what it may be. You give it because deep down inside, even though you may not want to, you KNOW your place…

I am the young woman that will rip you apart and have you begging at the same time. I will be calm, I will laugh, I will be the one in charge. What are you waiting for…If you are not hard after this then  do not call me but if you ARE then what the fuck are you waiting for?