Michelle has the POWER to make you WORSHIP…

13721138_1624805374498616_437722986_nWhy would you not want to worship the perfect, beautiful women in your life? Why would you not want to get on your knees and beg your perfect, beautiful, intelligent woman to bend over so you could kiss her beautiful ass, worship it, lick it, kiss and then beg for more…
Her pussy! Pussy worship is something every man should experience. That pussy is not just granted to you because you want it, you have to earn it so that you can appreciate it. You beg to worship the fucking ground that she walks on and then beg to please her and pleasure her so much that she fucking passes out because the pleasure is so intense she cant take it.
This could be you. You could ultimately be the one that could lick and please the perfect mean coed pussy. But can you handle two? Could you please my bestie while you please me? Could you pleasure us both or would we have to just say no and leave you there with a hard cock in your hand. I have the power to make you worship, you will do it or you will not have what you want!!
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Claire and Michelle Rule!

SO, Here we are, our first post on our hot little blog. We have decided that it would be in your best interest if we just took over. What are we taking over? We are taking the world 10832007_818928504817151_1814537152_nof Female Domination to another level. Two beautiful minds, Two beautiful young women, two women that are educated and working together to form a world for men that will leave them (men) begging for more and crying for mercy (which will not be given…)

You have the mean, the giggly the controlling, the educated. You have the sensually bitchy, greedy and slutty. You mix all that together and you get Claire and Michelle owning cocks and ruining orgasms. Stripping men of their manly duties and turning them into little submissive sissy bitches. We will make you do what we want. We will listen to your fetishes and fantasies but ultimately we will OWN OWN OWN! DOMINATE, RULE, CONTROL!

What do you get out of this? Well you pathetic little jerk off, you shouldn’t worry what you’re 576fdda176025getting out of it, you should be more concerned with the fact that you do not even deserve to hear our lovely voices and sweet giggles…but we are allowing it with the understanding that we own and control everything!

SO, this is what you need to do. You need to finish reading this, learn more about us as individuals by clicking the links above (Mean Coed Claire and Mean Coed Michelle) then pick up the phone and let the control over you and your cock begin.

XOXO Michelle and Claire XOXO 
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