Mean Coed Claire

My name is Claire and I am in my early 20s. I learned in my earlier years of college just how easy it was to control a man, his mind, his cock and the whole time I was learning how to do this, it wasn’t just a solo adventure, I was learning with my best girlfriend Michelle.  

Together we make a nice little cock controlling couple. I will say that when it comes to mean, I may have had an extra dose and love to tease, tease, tease. Michelle is always telling me not to even mention that idea of fucking or even me having an orgasm for you pathetic fucks, but getting your hopes up for something that is never going to happen and letting you think it may is so funny! 

12224496_1074910725863812_2000172083_nI love controlling in general. I am just a mean little controlling Bitch sometimes. I do not believe in the male orgasm. I know it must happen sometimes but I feel it should be controlled completely. 

Feminization is a favorite of mine as well. I love getting together with Michelle and feminizing and training a little sissy to be the best in all the feminine areas, including and certainly not limited to cock sucking training, anal play, even forced fem…

CBT is the best and this is where I can really get creative. So many things always around that can just give the true meaning to COCK AND BALL TORTURE!

This is obviously just a little about me and when Michelle and I get together and we take control you will be running back for more because you will never be able to get enough….


Michelle and I love playing together but there are times where we are not always available together and since we both like to play and control and tease and be mean little bitches we claire mean coedhave decided to go solo as well as being together. So if there is ever a time where you would like to speak to one of us but we are not available together, you have a chance of catching me alone and available! All you need to do is click this button…
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