Mean Coed Michelle

My name is Michelle and I am here to gain complete control over the men I encounter. It all starts with my mind and how I feel I should control the men. Each man is different. Some 576fdda176025men are easily controlled by a simple word and others are controlled by humiliation, orgasm control, masturbation control…How easy is it for me to gain control? Look at me and tell me how easy you think it would be….

Claire and I have decided that taking control of men is not a right. Some women simply do not know how to do it, it does not come natural to them but for me, it is simple. Gain control
of the cock and you have control of the man and when you add Claire and I together you have you as putty in our pretty little mean coed hands.

I am into a variety of things. Cock control, Orgasm control, Humiliation, CBT, Feminization, JOI…And I have the cutest laugh ever so making me laugh will just result in your cock getting hard and ME and CLAIRE controlling IT…

I look forward to controlling you and your cock with my Bestie Claire…

XOXO Michelle XOXO