Michelle has the POWER to make you WORSHIP…

13721138_1624805374498616_437722986_nWhy would you not want to worship the perfect, beautiful women in your life? Why would you not want to get on your knees and beg your perfect, beautiful, intelligent woman to bend over so you could kiss her beautiful ass, worship it, lick it, kiss and then beg for more…
Her pussy! Pussy worship is something every man should experience. That pussy is not just granted to you because you want it, you have to earn it so that you can appreciate it. You beg to worship the fucking ground that she walks on and then beg to please her and pleasure her so much that she fucking passes out because the pleasure is so intense she cant take it.
This could be you. You could ultimately be the one that could lick and please the perfect mean coed pussy. But can you handle two? Could you please my bestie while you please me? Could you pleasure us both or would we have to just say no and leave you there with a hard cock in your hand. I have the power to make you worship, you will do it or you will not have what you want!!
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Claires Lesbian Humiliation Fun!

10755914_1531842097062249_885795687_nSo today Michelle and I had a little fun together and the topic was Domination, but not domination over a man, which is how it should be, but domination over the wife of a man. At first I was thinking that maybe we should switch everything over, get the wife on our side and then we all three dominate the man but then I realized that we were really dominating both of them by dominating her. We were turning him into a cuckold because we were making other men fuck his wife in front of him and not just by another man fucking his wife but by us (Me and Michelle) fucking his wife with big strap on dildos….
The though was hot for sure and Michelle and I decided that we do not only control and dominate MEN but we will control and dominate WOMEN as well! We will take your fantasies and we will make them real. We will dominate your mind, control your cock and my personal favorite, control the cum!
So call us and tell us what it is you like. Are you the cuckold? Are you the naughty husband that wants his wife to be humiliated for your pleasure? Do you want to be a cuckold of two hot mean coeds? Do you want to be feminized, humiliated for your lack of in the cock area? Are you just a pathetic little jerk off masturbator that just needs to be denied? Call us and tell us!
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Michelle is THE MeanCoed Humiliatrix!

13531821_876615319134581_805890283_nHumiliation is something that every man should experience and it is something that is very easy for me to dish out when given just a little information.
You have a tiny little penis well I know that men with tiny little dicks have to beg for pussy, even pay for it and rubbing that in your face while your little dick gets hard is so funny…
What about the fact that your wife is fucking another man and that makes you a loser cuckold because you know about it, you don’t stop it, you encourage it…What a pathetic little thing you are, not man enough for your wife so shes going to something bigger and better…
You want to eat your cum, I am going to laugh at you while I listen to your slurping it off your fingers…You nasty little cum craving loser!
Humiliation is fun for us all, you will just be the one taking it all while I (we, me and Claire) laugh at you!

Cuckold Phonesex, We LOVE it!

404It never ceases to amaze us how many men out there love the humiliation of cuckold phone sex. I mean, given the amount of calls we get from guys who tell us they have tiny dicks, I guess it really shouldn’t shock us in any way.

Tiny dicks are absolutely way more common than huge dicks. But it really is good to know that pretty much all of you small-dicked cuckolds have accepted the fact that your dicks are useless. You know your places and let us tell you, that makes us really happy.

We are called the MeanCoeds for a reason. We tease, we humiliate, we take all those “Little” things and rub it in really hard and your little cuckold dick gets super hard thinking about it. How fun would it be to know that we may not even be cuckolding you with the Big Black Cock, we may cuckold you with the fake dick that we will fuck each other with. Oh how that fake cock is so much better than you could ever be!!!

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Teasing cock is what WE do BEST.

132We love a challenge. We know there are many men who claim that they are strong and cannot be teased into submission. To that, We say call us. Talk to us. If you think you’re so strong that we can’t get to you, then you have nothing to lose, right? We adore a battle of wills, but you should know that we never lose and it’s not going to happen with you, either. You’ve never experienced a cock tease like the MEANCOEDS Claire and Michelle. Grab your cock and phone and let’s do this.



Michelle and Claire Punish Little Dicks…

control Do you have a tiny little pee pee that is just so small it is completely useless? What would any woman want to do with a tiny little weiner like that?  We can not fuck it because we wouldn’t feel it. We wouldn’t suck it because we do not put small meaningless little  dicks in our mouths. What do we do with useless little dicks? We punish them! We dress them up, we humiliate them, we use them and abuse them.

We make you pay a small pee pee fee and we are very creative in how we come up with each and every individual small pee pee fee.  Every fee is different *giggles*

576fdda176025We dare all the little dick holders and hand humpers to give us a call so that we can have a little fun using, abusing, humiliating and degrading the little dick attached to the man body!

XOXO Michelle and Claire XOXO
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Claires Femdom Vocabulary Lesson

controlControl~ the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events

When I think about control and just how much control I have,  it is actually quite amusing. I find that when I gain the control of the mind of a man then everything is else is placed perfectly in my pretty little hand.

I can do whatever I want. I can take any situation and turn it into what I want and how I feel it should go. All you have to do is let it happen and know that once you give the power over to me (AND Michelle) you will be giving up your rights, you will feel the need to obey. You will hear the little giggles on the other end of the phone and you will know that you do not have ANY *CONTROL* over the situation.


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10832007_818928504817151_1814537152_nUhh Oh! You are in the mood to speak to your controlling MeanCoeds, Claire and Michelle but we are not available together? If I am available, give me a call!
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Claire and Michelle Rule!

SO, Here we are, our first post on our hot little blog. We have decided that it would be in your best interest if we just took over. What are we taking over? We are taking the world 10832007_818928504817151_1814537152_nof Female Domination to another level. Two beautiful minds, Two beautiful young women, two women that are educated and working together to form a world for men that will leave them (men) begging for more and crying for mercy (which will not be given…)

You have the mean, the giggly the controlling, the educated. You have the sensually bitchy, greedy and slutty. You mix all that together and you get Claire and Michelle owning cocks and ruining orgasms. Stripping men of their manly duties and turning them into little submissive sissy bitches. We will make you do what we want. We will listen to your fetishes and fantasies but ultimately we will OWN OWN OWN! DOMINATE, RULE, CONTROL!

What do you get out of this? Well you pathetic little jerk off, you shouldn’t worry what you’re 576fdda176025getting out of it, you should be more concerned with the fact that you do not even deserve to hear our lovely voices and sweet giggles…but we are allowing it with the understanding that we own and control everything!

SO, this is what you need to do. You need to finish reading this, learn more about us as individuals by clicking the links above (Mean Coed Claire and Mean Coed Michelle) then pick up the phone and let the control over you and your cock begin.

XOXO Michelle and Claire XOXO 
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